Frequently Asked Questions


The objectives and mission of Global Dance Media 

1) To publish the best dance video/ event on performing art and dances. 

2) To Share of good dance video from You-tube for aspirant dance learner & dance lovers.

3) To Promoting & preserving of best dance video from various genre of dances, on commercial basis (for syndication & Distribution)

4) To publish name, biography of best dance teacher and choreographer of various genres of dances around the world in our web site (Global Dance Media).

5) To professional promotion & advertisement of dance teacher/choreographer with us.

Term & Condition

1) For professional listing of dance teacher/ Choreographer, we charges nominal fees. For more information, contact us. For  maintaining quality,We selected only talented dance teacher/Choreographer / dance studio with good background in the field of dance and performing art/ dance for professional listing. It is sole discretion to selection by director/ owner of website

2) Global Dance Media is domain name. It is not a business entity.

3) We are not operating in other name/ other domain name 

4) We did not employ any representative or agent. So contact us directly.

5) It is not a social networking group of performing artist or dancer or choreographer.

5) We don't take cash for any registration of professional listing of dance teacher/ Choreographer/Dance Studio. We support cashless monetary transaction to stop corruption.

6) We take 5-7 days in for review of professional competence and background in the field of performing art and dance. Then, we publish you as professional Dance teacher /Choreographer/Dance Studio in our website. And, we promote your dance visuals/video/films/ dance tutorials till contractual periods.

7) To professional listing with us, the artist has to sign the legal documents of contact 

8) All the dance video are selected by Mihir Ranjan ( publisher) , However,We welcome your suggestion .

If you have any complain or inquiry, please you may contact us. 

Mihir Ranjan: Co- Founder/Promoter/E- Publisher (Global Dance Media) 

Mob: +918969197382